quality timber flooring


More than 20 years experience on timber flooring
T&G Solid Raw Traditional
T&G Solid Pre-finished
Parquetry Solid
Engineered Timber
Sand & Polish
Stairs & wall
178x14mm Roasted peat
gloss finished / hendra
80x19mm Blackbutt - select
Oil gloss finished / Shailer Park
80x19mm mixed hardwood - select
oil gloss finished / Cornubia
130x19mm Panache Bronze
80x19mm Aussie Beach Select
oil satin Finished / Yeronga
Big Red Shed Showroom
 Oil Gloss Finished / darra
80x19mm Blackbutt Select
Satin finished / Hawthorne
80x19mm Blackbutt - standard
gloss finished / Shailer Park
130x19mm Panache Bronze 
Gloss Finished / Helensvale
80x19mm Blackbutt - standard
satin finished / Spring Hill
80x19mm Blackbutt - select
gloss finished / Riverhills
80x19mm karri - Select
Gloss finished / Auchenflower
80x19mm karri - select
gloss finished / coorparoo
180x21mm Recycled mixed hardwood
Kingsleys steak & craphouse brisbane
80x19mm Recycled mixed hardwood
oil gloss finished / bulimba
80x19mm ribbon gum - standard
oil gloss finished / camira
80x19mm ribbon gum - select
oil gloss finished / stretton
80x19mm ribbon gum - standard
oil gloss finished / belmont
80x19mm Rose gum - select
gloss finished / Taringa
130x19mm Spotted gum - select
gloss finished / Pinjarra Hills
130x19mm Spotted gum - select
oil gloss finished / The gap
180x19mm Spotted gum - standard
oil gloss finished / southport
130x19mm Spotted gum - select
oil gloss finished / Cleveland
85x19mm tasmanian oak - select
oil satin finished / Carindale
85x19mm tasmanian oak - slect
oil gloss finished / Cleveland
85x19mm tasmanian oak - select
gloss finished / Fig Tree Pocket
85x19mm tasmanian oak - select
gloss finished / hamilton
85x19mm tasi oak - select
gloss finished / the gap
85x13mm tasmanian oak - overlay 
gloss finished / Albany creek
130x18mm Spotted gum pre-finished
 Redland bay
130x18mm Spotted gum pre-finished
130x18mm Spotted gum pre-finished
130x18mm Blackbutt pre-finished
90x18mm Kempas pre-finished
manly Brisbane
90x18mm kempas pre-finished
sunnybank hills
85mm Pacific Black butt Pre-finished
90x18mm kempas pre-finished
beecroft Sydney
square by square - Jarrah select
  Satin finished - block parquetry
Dickson Terrace hamilton
Basket wave - Spotted Gum select
satin finished - block parquetry
Waldo St norman park
Double Herringbone - White Oak Sel
oil gloss finished - block parquetry
Double Herringbone - spotted gum
gloss finished - block parquetry
600x120x21mm vintage oak
Stockwell display home - Westend
herringbone - Spotted Gum select
 gloss finished - block parquetry
eight mile plains
square by square -  Brush box select
 gloss finishd - block parquetry
square by square - satin ash select
oil gloss finished - block parquetry
square by square - Spotted Gum sel
 gloss finished - Block Parquetry
square by square Tasi oak select
Gloss finished - Block Parquetry
the gap
haddon hall - Blue Gum select
 gloss finished - Bblock parquetry
Mosaic parquetry
Sanding & gloss finished
new farm
Brickbone Blue Gum
  gloss finished - block parquetry
Wickham House
2200x220x20mm  - Tongue n Groove - Otta
Oxford cloth - winter garden Brisbane CBD
189x20mm Pacific floors - Du Chateau 
Maggie T - winter garden Brisbane CBD
Kempas Engineered timber
27 Mulberry Pl Stretton
Merbau Shailer
park Alan
sanding & gloss finished
all hallows school kangaroo point
sanding & gloss finished
club 383 Adelaide st brisbane
sanding & gloss finished 
BROADWAY HOTEL Woolloongabba
re-sanding & gloss finished
decking sanding
Hoop pine Sanding & gloss finished
east brisbane
hoop pine sanding
highgate hill
Sport hall - Re-sealed
Masden state School
sanding & gloss finished
sanding & gloss finished
new farm
Sanding & gloss finished
Sanding & gloss finished
sanding & gloss finished - Pallets
95 charlotte street
Sanding & gloss finished
Double Herringbone - Spotted Gum
Timber Stairs
about us

Alpha Flooring originated from humble beginnings in Sydney 1997 and it moved to Brisbane in 2005. Alpha Flooring has been established for over 21 years and enjoys an enviable reputation for service to the building industry. Alpha Flooring is specialising in Timber flooring - Supply, Install, Sand, Polish. From the beginning, Alpha Flooring has always maintained that our customers are our livelihood and we are therefore 100% committed to ensuring that their satisfaction comes first. Alpha Flooring was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and respect in all aspects of the business. Alpha Flooring understands that customers want prompt & professional service and so we ensure that all requests, no matter how large or small, are handled with a sense of urgency and efficiency. This high standard of service and ongoing commitment to our customers means that Alpha Flooring is the preferred choice for floor coverings. 

Our Services


Alpha Flooring offers a large range of timber floors available for your home.


Three different types of installation timber flooring system over concrete, and the way it is installed over particle board.

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